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安全餵食商業生食|Safety Tips for Commercial Raw Food


冷凍產品最怕在運送過程中解凍;safety of transportation is often overlooked.
  1. 選購評價優良、自主定期送檢的商業生食廠商。 Choose a seller who provides regular test reports of their products, and has a better reputation.

  2. 自主追蹤貨物及運送條件,要求物流依生食廠商建議條件運送。 Track your packages and transportation condition, check the condition of the content right away if necessary.

  3. 依照生食廠商所建議的儲存條件儲存,食用前一天放置冷藏解凍。 Store your purchase according to storing directions as recommended by the food company. Only defrost in the refrigerator a day before consumption.

  4. 在包裝所建議的保鮮期限內食用完畢。 Consume within expiration day.

  5. 選擇不同肉類或廠牌輪替食用,確保多元化營養。 Source out more than one brand and rotate different meat to ensure diversity and lower risks.

  6. 生食開封後可以裝在密封保鮮盒裡冷藏保存,較不易有怪味。 Use a sealed container to store the open packages, so it does not absorb smells in the fridge, and to help maintain freshness.

  7. 常溫溫度26度以下,或冷氣房中,生食通常可放置4-6小時;溫度較高的環境,1-3小時就不應該給貓咪食用了。以人類的嗅覺,如果生肉聞起來已經不是原本的味道,也建議直接丟掉。 When leaving the bowl of raw food out in room temperature under 26 degree, it can last up to 4 to 6 hours. If it's on a warmer day, it could only last 1 to 3 hours. However, if you feel the meat has gone bad, it is still the best to throw it away.


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