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貓咪糖尿病大哉問|Diabetes Dilemmas for Cats


覺得『胖胖的才可愛』是不負責任的想法。 It's irresponsible to keep your cat obese and think they're cute anyway.

胖貓 = 糖尿病?|Obese Cat = Diabetes?



A chubby cat may be adorable, but providing a dry food buffet for your cat to feast on all day long can put your feline friend’s life in danger. An unlimited supply of starch-based food can easily lead your cat to be overweight, and increases the risk of diabetes, kidney diseases, urinary problems, and arthritis.


貓咪血糖該如何控制?| How to control blood glucose level of a cat?


Diet is the easiest way to start. By changing their main diet to low-carbohydrate complete cans, or species-appropriate raw meals, you are already more than halfway there. Keep it up with doctor’s treatments, BG curves monitoring, and insulin injections, and your cat’s condition can be under control in no time.

如何計算主食罐的碳水化合物含量?|How to calculate the amount of carbohydrate in a complete can food?


  1. 通常可以先看產品標示成分是否有添加五穀類或高澱粉類蔬果等原料。

  2. 蛋白質、脂肪、纖維、灰份及水份是否全都有標示?沒有的話就是標示不全。

  3. 100%減去蛋白質、脂肪、纖維、灰份及水份的百分比後,剩餘多少? 若數值為負數,恭喜你,廠商的標示完全完全不精確,無法參考;建議你直接跳過他不要購買。

  4. 100%減去蛋白質、脂肪、纖維、灰份及水份的佔比後,就是粗略的碳水化合物比例。

If it is not required to label carbs on commercial pet food, how can I know the right amount?

  1. You can start with the ingredient list, if there’s a LONG list of grains, flour, or starchy carb-rich vegetables such as potatoes, the chances are there’s more carb than needed.

  2. Does the label AT LEAST includes protein, fat, fiber, ash and moisture? If not, skip it right away, as the label is not even legitimate.

  3. How much does the analysis add up to? How much does it left, if the number is to take away from 100%? If the final number is negative, congratulations, you can rule out another cheeky brand.

  4. 100% take away the percentages of protein, fat, fiber, ash and moisture, all there’s left is the rough percentage of carbohydrate in that can.


你可能想問,罐頭的蛋白質只有 10% 那麼低,那我給貓咪吃 35% 蛋白質的乾飼料不是比較好嗎?|It says 10% protein on canned food labels, 35% protein on kibble packs, why should I feed them canned food anyway?

因為罐頭含水量高,如果要跟乾飼料比較的話,還得先換算成乾燥物質比例(Dry Matter Basis)才能算數。


100% - 水份% = 整體的乾物%

濕重碳水化合物% ÷ 整體的乾物% = 乾重碳水化合物%


As the canned food and kibbles have very different moisture content, they cannot be compared like this. You will have to compare them under Dry Matter Basis.

To convert the content of the analysis lists into dry matter:

100% - percentage of moisture = percentage of total dry matter

Then use the percentage of labelled protein ÷ total dry matter = percentage of protein under dry matter basis

Also try this calculation with dry food, and the actual percentage of protein in kibbles could surprise you.

* The percentage of carbohydrate and fat in dry matter can be calculated as the same way above.

貓咪得了糖尿病會好嗎?|Is feline diabetes curable?


If it is in an early stage, and the BG level is well monitored, insulin injection on-time, and with the right diet, which includes that your cat is willing to cooperate, feline diabetes can be well maintained. It is possible to stop BG monitoring and insulin free at some point if discovered early, but it can always relapse, so it is best to be cautious always.




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