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冬瓜,立夏食材|Natural Supplement for cats in Li Xia Period


two slices of wax gourd
袪濕消暑聖品,say goodbye to dampness.




1. 購買一片厚切3公分左右的冬瓜,去皮去籽,切成約3*3左右塊狀。

2. 大鍋中放入切好的冬瓜及水,水剛好將冬瓜蓋住即可;也可用平時給貓咪補水的大骨湯、滴雞精、或是雞骨湯來煮。

Boiling gourd in a glass pot
用保溫效果好的鍋子悶軟或小火慢燉, simmer until soft

3. 冬瓜偏寒,可依需求加入一片0.3公分厚的薑。

4. 開大火待湯水滾後,轉小火燉約15分鐘,悶15分鐘;也可小火滾至冬瓜軟爛可用湯匙壓碎即可。

5. 人貓都可以享用,吃不完的部分可密封冷藏保存3天,或冷凍保存1個月。


  • 冬瓜本身沒有什麼味道,可將冬瓜壓泥,加入罐頭、肉泥、或生食中一起吃。

  • 每週不超過3次,每次不超過1塊,若有腹瀉狀況需停止,視狀況就醫。

  • 若貓咪較畏寒,易腹瀉,屬寒性體質,每次給予的量要減半或不給。

  • 中醫食補純屬補助行為,若貓咪有病痛需就醫治療勿拖延。

Natural Supplement for cats in Li Xia Period

Dong-gua, the Chinese wax gourd or ash gourd, has a sweet palate and cooling energy in Chinese Traditional Medicine. It is good for your spleen energy and help drain excess dampness from your body. It promotes water metabolism and reduces edema. It can also help regulate heat in the body, so it's a great supplement food for you and your cat during the summer heat.

It is low in sodium yet full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It also has great water and fibre content thus making it a great aid for cats with CKD, hairball and constipation problems.

Recipe Suggestions:

  1. Peel and de-seed a slice of wax gourd and cut into 3 cm cubes.

  2. Put gourd into a pot with enough water to cover the gourd. Your homemade bone broth for your pet is also a good replacement for water if you wish for a richer taste.

  3. Because of the cold property of the gourd, you can add a small slice of ginger to counteract if you wish.

  4. Bring water to the boil, simmer for 15 minutes, and turn off the heat. Let sit for another 15 minutes; or simmer till the gourd can be mashed with a fork.

  5. The gourd is now ready for any human or cat. For storage, seal and refrigerate for up to 3 days, or freeze for a month.

Portion directions:

  • Wax gourd is rather bland taste wise, you can mash it and mix with cans, treats, or raw to encourage your cat.

  • Give it as a treat, no more than three times per week, and one cube at a time; stop if you find watery stool.

  • If you find your cat seems cold all the time, and often has unstable stool, he/she can be a cold constitution type, should avoid giving them cold type of food.

  • Chinese medicinal diet is for supplemental use only, if your cat has medical need, seek help from your vet.




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