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老貓怎麼這麼瘦?|Muscle Loss in Senior Cats







Feline bodies degenerate over the years, and the process only accelerates after their prime years. Cats over 12 years of age, even when eating a more than normal amount of food, may still be gradually slimming. Cats over the age of 17 to 18 can easily become skin and bones if given the wrong food, especially "indoor" or "senior" formulas, which provide poor nutrition. These formulas are almost always too low in fat with not enough protein.

Gradual slimming can also simply be the result of the aging of digestive systems. Absorbing less nutrients, it becomes harder for the body to provide enough energy needed for muscle maintenance.

Some chronic diseases such as hyperthyroidism may also speed up the process. This is the reason why regular check ups are essential for senior cats. Many of these symptoms can be easily controlled with the correct diagnosis, treatments, and medications.

Regardless of your cat's age, dramatic weight change indicates that something is wrong. We should treat it in a serious manner, and take the cat for medical attention if more than 200 grams of weight is lost within a week.


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