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貓咪轉食小撇步|Transition to Raw


完整生食 a plate of raw meal



  1. 在生食中加入副食罐、ciao泥等,貓咪曾經吃過,並且特別愛吃的食物是最好的誘食選擇。利用貓咪喜愛的食物,嘗試撒在生食表面,或以拌入的方式來引誘他們嘗試生肉。可先從一比一的比例開始嘗試,甚至誘食的比例更高也可以,逐次減少。每次份量都不用太多,也可以將生肉少量放在原本貓咪的主食旁佐餐食用,讓貓咪習慣進食的時候有生肉的味道。

  2. 完全不吃罐頭等濕食的貓咪,有可能必須從飼料開始著手。可以嘗試將飼料撒在生肉上,或是將飼料磨粉拌入生肉、或撒在上面的方式來引誘貓咪吃。有時甚至要利用獎勵的方式,循序漸進,並且要有心理準備,他可能今天舔兩口,明天又不吃了。 有的貓咪必須花費幾年的時間,我自己有一隻乾乾控老貓就花了三年以上才成功轉食,但我覺得超值得。有興趣了解的話,可參閱:乾乾控轉生食血淚史 I. II. III.

  3. 若家中有廚房,也可以嘗試將去骨肉塊切塊,表面稍微煎過再給貓咪當作零嘴吃。如果貓咪願意吃再慢慢減少煎的時間,逐步改成全生肉,再轉換成給予完整生肉餐。

  4. 最後,一切還是要靠飼主對貓咪的了解,來制定轉食方案。畢竟每隻貓咪個性都大不相同,而作為忠實照護者的你,應該是最了解他脾性的人。


Presented your cat with a plate of raw meal and they dig in right away? Congratulations, you are a lucky one. Be that as it may, some cats do need a bit more encouragement.

You can start with providing some lure for your cat to entice them to try new food:

  1. Dry Food: If our cat never tried wet food, sometime it's harder for them to associate raw to food. You can try sprinkle their favorite kibbles on raw meat, cut the meat into small pieces or in thin strips, and start with a small amount. You can also try leaving bits of raw meat around or by the side of their bowl, for them to get used to the smell. You can also use freeze dried meat with the same method.

  2. Wet Food: If your cats do enjoy wet food, you can mix a small portion of raw into their regular cans. Gradually increase amount of raw, and it can be a very long process, but do keep your faith, they will get there.

  3. Seared Meat: Use a frying pan, lightly sear both sides of small chunks of bone free cuts, and use it as a treat. Seared meat has a better aroma, and your cat might fall for that. If they enjoy the treat, decrease cooking time gradually, and they might be able to try all raw soon.

  4. Eventually, it all comes to how well do you know your cat? You can always make your own plans, encourage your cat to try and be persistent.


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